Hear from Leading Schoolwide SEL participants

"This is an excellent, clear, and practical overview of the CASEL approach to implementing schoolwide SEL, offering the knowledge and tools as well as the personal experience to launch us on our own journey!"

"A wealth of valuable information put into practice for you. You decide what you want to do next and how to roll it out. Great resources!"

"This workshop has been instrumental in being able to introduce SEL to my school in a way that is attainable and connects to all staff levels. Prior to this training, I did not have the language or ability to present the information in a way that connects to the overall goals of the school. I now have hope that we can do this."

"I have been studying the resources provided with the CASEL Schoolwide SEL guide independently, but the training really served to solidify my understanding. It gave the me the opportunity to reflect and plan as well as gain the confidence to implement the plan and advocate for SEL in both my school and district.”

“These sessions were so smartly organized and facilitated. Thank you for ensuring that our time was maximized and adult learning principles were utilized.”